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Budenofalk foam by Dr. Falk

NEED HELP! Has anyone used the Budenofalk foam by Dr. Falk?? My doctor said its probably the only foam that will help me but it won't be released in the US for another several months (the medicine is approved, but the company has had delays because of production issues). If its released in your country (i.e. Europe), can someone send me samples or something? Please private message me or email me at pmitra0123@gmail.com. Thanks!
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Lady Organic

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thanks 2thFairy, it seems its the exact same thing. Uceris is available in the US, but I think its not available in Canada yet. I'll double check with the pharmacist who didnt mention it last time I asked for all possible rectal therapies available. I wonder if Uceris /budesonide foam is that much different from Cortifoam?

@pmitra0123: what medication have you tried so far?
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Yes Uceris foam is same thing, but even though it is approved, it is not yet available in the US because the company is experiencing some sort of delay in production or something as I understand.

2th fairy - have you used uceris foam?