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Budesonide and constipation

I have been put on Budesonide which stopped the loose stools nicely, but now I have constipation. What do I do? I am trying to stick to a low-fibre diet. Should I stop that? Can I take Fybogel or something similar?
Do you have a stricture? How low is your low-fibre diet? You might want to implement some fibre, especially soluble fibre foods which will help. Make sure to drink enough water as well. My son has never followed a special diet, especially once medication was working, he pretty well eats everything except popcorn and stringy raw vegetables.
Thanks a lot. Nobody has so far advised me on diet. So I have tried to just stick to very plain/beige food and soluble fibre. But I think I might have to reintroduce things like wholewheat bread or something. It's good to know that your son can eat almost anything. So I might start reintroducing a few things very slowly just to get things shifting. I drink water like a fish (I don't think fish drink water though!).... Oh and I don't have a stricture as far as I know. The NHS is quite slow at the moment. I am only seeing the consultant on 14 November after having been referred end of August.... and it's quite difficult to speak to the IBD nurse. I'll try again on Monday.
Yes it sounds like your diet is causing your constipation. You probably don't really need to stick to beige foods if you're not flaring and are on medication. Good luck!
Ok, update. It's prunes and kiwis for me, says the IBD nurse! I never thought I'd be allowed prunes. But here we go. Fingers crossed.


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Oh and I don't have a stricture as far as I know.
In that case I would definitely try adding fiber to relieve the constipation. There can always be exceptions with everything in Crohn's, but as a general rule the need for Crohn's patients to reduce or avoid fiber applies to primarily patients with strictures.

Personally, I much prefer kiwis over prunes.
That's good to know. Anyway, it did not work. Now off to ring the GP, as the IBD nurse could not tell me whether I could take some osmotic laxatives or Fybogel as that was a medical matterit appears. Such a trivial matter, but....
Taking Movicol now. Still no luck. Has anybody got any experience with severe constipation following Budesonide? I am at the end of my tether...
What did the GI recommend? I heard from a few people Magnesium Citrate in the right dose could help their constipation. But at this point, you have constipation for a week right? Perhaps a visit to the ER would be warranted if your next no-prescription idea doesnt work. Better to tackle this before you start to get pain or complications. And if this goes on, you should be evaluated for strictures, as that can be pretty dangerous - although never heard someone developing a stricture because of Budesonide.
The Movicol was recommended by the IBD nurse. I only have an appoint with an actual GI on the 14th of November. But I think I better ring them again....Yes, I heard about Magnesium too but I don't want to mix things up now. I too can't think it's a stricture but I wish somebody would actually see me.
Panic sort of over for now. Nurse said it will take a while to work. But now also said what to actually do. So, 2 sachets twice a day until I have a bowel movement. Then 1 sachet twice a day until things are nicely settled. Then 1 sachet when needed together with prunes and kiwis etc. for as long as I take the Budesonide. Finally, some good advice. :)