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Budesonide fail. Starting Prednisone

This flare will not go away. Still having D issues and some control problems. Doc put me on a 40 mg taper. 2 weeks at 40, 2 at 20, 2 at 10, 2 at 5. Hope this does it then Humira maintains it. This is my first time ever on the Pred! I am getting little sleep and it is causing my tremors (I have essential tremor) to get much worse. It's driving me nuts.
Prednisone will make you crazy until your tapered down. But it should definitely help with your crohns symptoms and hopefully stop the flare-up. I have taken it many times. Right now I am taking the budesonide. Or the same drug under the name Entercort. It is a steroid also with less side effects. It seems to be working as good as the prednisone.... but I sleep better and I don't have the tremors. Good luck to you
Hi Doug,
Have you tried a sleep aid? I've been on Pred for 2 months and that little blue pill is my new BFF. I forgot to take it the other night and didn't fall asleep until 5:30 AM! Had to be up for work at 7. Yeah, I didn't win any awards that day.
Doug, sorry to hear the budesonide failed and you are now on pred. Unfortunately I think I am in the same boat! I have developed a stricture and still have inflammation on the budesonide. I am having the balloon dialation on the 27th and I assume a med change at that time. I also take 1000mg of Pentasa 4 times a day. Good luck and I hope you get some sleep!


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Ah hell Doug, I'm so sorry to hear this. :(

I hope the Pred is able to pull things back into line mate. :hug:

Do you think the 20mg drop after 2 weeks is a bit much?

Dusty. xxx
I am wondering if I misunderstood and it's 2 weeks @ 30 then 2@20. I will call his office Monday and clarify.


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I wonder why they are doing 10mg drops every 2 weeks rather than 5mg each week? That is with starting you on 40mg for 3 weeks.

Dusty. xxx
My doctor tapers me down at 10mg each time. The last time I was on it I got 40mgs for. 2 weeks then 30 for 2 weeks then 20mg and down to 10. Doctors have their own way of doing things I guess.
I am now on 10Mg daily. I am having more small boots of D Again. Also cramps and discomfort.I see my GI on Wednesday. Thursday I am suppose to go down to 5 Mg. scares me.