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Buffalo Meat



I really love meat. and I noticed my stomach cant handle too much greasy foods. Then one day I found out about Buffalo Meat, which is extremly lean and doesnt have much fat in it. so I gave it a try and sure enough I was able to eat it a lot better than any other type of red meats. I highly recommend this meat if you can get it, as it tastes excellent and is extremly lean. probably the best red meat to eat in my opinion. Makes great Hamburgers, and tacos too.
Yep, buffalo is pretty good. Gotta be real careful not to overcook the meat though as it can get rather tough and inedible if overcooked, due to its extremely low fat content. Same goes for buffalo burger, which gets real dry if overcooked.


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Hmmmm, intriguing. Theres' a national grocery chain here in Canada which markets a product called Buffalo Burgers.. wonder if it really is made from Buffalo meat? now, if it said buffalo wings... welllll, that would answer the question w/o investigation..

Like, have you ever seen a buffalo fly?

Cara Fusinato

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Yeah, there was one young calf I saw in Yellowstone doing loops and barrel rolls.

I've had buffalo and it's good. You can also get a dogfood made from buffalo (Called Wolf King) but I stick to feeding my animals readily farmed animals rather than premium-type animals. Course, the dogs eat lamb dogfood and it makes me wonder if they recognize my sheep flock as the food (they are Australian Shepherds so I really don't know if they would herd them or eat them thus they are banned from the pasture).


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Anyone tried Ostrich??

At the local market I have noticed them selling it in burger form and as steaks. Apparently its low fat too and good for you like buffalo.

Might get up the courage to try it one of these days!!

I know my Dad really likes ostrich. There's a farm he goes and gets it at from time to time when he takes a trip down to WV. I haven't been over when he has it to try it yet, but he said it's pretty good.

I have had goat though and for the reputation a goat normally has it tasted pretty darn good.