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Bugs not related to crohns!

bugs not related to crohns!

Anyone else pick up every bug going? I used to be quite healthy rarely felt unwell and then since I was diagnosed last year and had surgery (I'm in remission by the way) I seem to pick up everything. I've had a chest infection for 6 weeks now and I'm seriously getting a tad peeved. My tummys good at the mo by the way, but do you think it could be something to do with Vit B12, I'm going to get it checked this week but last time it was ok. Thanks for any advice.
Hey Archie, wouldn't be a bad idea to get the bloods done. I was the same could walk through a wall of colds and flu and never got touched then BAM my child goes to school and I feel like I should take shares in over the counter meds and put paper bag on my head. I hope your feeling better soon and great to hear you're in remission.

Gwen xxx
Thanks Gwen thats exactly how I feel at the mo i'm taking every vitamin known to man, I just feel tired but don't know whether it's the chest infection or vit B12 deficiency. My daughter has also just started school so thats where it probably came from. I'm going to the doc on fri and I never go to the doc, it's just that it won't shift and I was wondering if it was related to the surgery in some way.