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Bummed- bad test results

I've been on Mercaptopure (6MP) for quite a while now, and it works pretty well for me. For the past few months, my liver tests haven't been good, and my ALT and AST have been elevated. My most recent test results were so high my doctor is cutting my dosage. This is the exact same scenario that happened 3 years ago that led to a year long flare. I am trying hard to stay optimistic but it isn't always easy.

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Sorry that things aren't working out for you :( It's sure not fun when you have a flare. Hopefully things will start turning around soon. Take care. :hug:
have you thought about adding any supplements that may aid the liver? look up glutathione (our body cant digest it so you need to take supplements that contain the precursors for it)
hope things start looking up <3 hugs


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Hopefully it does not lead to a flare. I'm very sorry things aren't working out as you had hoped they would. This disease sucks. :(

Adding to the supplement comment: It is believed that fish oil may be a good addition to your regiment in helping maintain remission. Have you been given any alternative options yet or are they simply going to keep you on 6-mp but at a lower dosage for the time being?