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Burning fingers/toe in hot/cold water

Whenever I put my fingers or toes under hot or cold water, or handle frozen foods, etc., I get a burning pain in them. Does anyone else get this? I wonder if it could be an autoimmune thing? Thanks.


My fingers burn when I handle something frozen, or they just get cold. I wouldn't really describe it as a pain, though. Can you describe the feeling more specifically?

Is there burning, tingling, or numbness at any other times?


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I get a burning feeling on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands but not necessarily with hot/cold water, it just happens. Feels like I've been walking across really hot sand. I've no idea what causes it though.
I get abnormally cold in general with my hands and feet being the worst.

I'm convinced it is autoimmune related, but my doctors can't pin-point it with any sort of diagnosis, so they naturally assume it's in my head.
My girlfriend has poor circulation which means her hands and feet are always cold, when she showers they go bright bright red and tingle. I'm not sure if that's the sort of thing you're talking about but she's otherwise healthy so it could suggest that its not necessarily Crohn's related...