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Burning/Itching Skin and Face

Hi! I am so happy to join a forum for this madness we all deal with. I was diagnosed with Crohn's about 10 years ago and finally found some relief with using Humira. I have done quite well over the passed few years. I have had pyoderma gangrenosum in the past. What I am now experiencing which seems really weird and not sure if it is related is an all over body itch and burn. My face flushes off and on, and a hot spot on the top of my head? Not much seems to take the itch away. I went to the GP and he did a CBC which came back normal. It is a prickly kind of itch WITHOUT a rash. The only thing that turns red is my face. I am also a 47 year old woman so I don't know if this is hormone related as well. It has been 3 weeks and it is maddening. Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar issue. (I do see Gastro doc on Friday)

my little penguin

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PG is a neutrophilic spectrum disorder which they consider autoinflammatory Disease
Meaning you can have anyone of the diseases on the spectrum and still gets bits and pieces of the other diseases but not the full thing
Ds has Sweets Syndrome which is also part of that group
When he is flaring he will get flushing on his face sometimes arms /legs
Burning on his skin
Sometimes rashes /lesions typical of seeets
Body aches
Minor temp (not a true fever )

He currently takes ilaris to combAt the sweets

You may want to see a rheumatologist/dermatologist
Both handle Ds since a Autoinflammatory is a “new” thing 1997
Not all docs know