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Burning Sensation Upon Wiping

Quick question. My 17 year old son was diagnosed with Crohn’s about 8 months ago so we’re still figuring things out. He used to have blood just dripping into the toilet. That’s gotten much better. Now he said he really only notices the blood when he wipes (so it’s only on the toilet paper now) and it burns just a tad. Of course, we’ll bring it up to our doctor and keep an eye on it, but any idea why or what would cause the bleeding to be reduced only to wiping with a slight stinging/burning sensation? It doesn’t bother him that much. He just said it just stings a tad. Could it be a little tear or hemorrhoid? Right now, he’s on Stelara. Got his first infusion a couple weeks ago.


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Could be a hemorrhoid, or could also be thin skin/irritated skin in that area. I have a specific area that will bleed with just the slightest of wiping...a result of years of fissures/inflammation.

my little penguin

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Wet flushable wipes (“dude wipes”) my 18 yr old is willing to use
Calmoseptine cream (behind pharmacy counter ) as a barrier sometimes helps
As do suppositories or anal cream (your GI can prescribe those )


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I would also guess fissure or hemorrhoid. And I agree with @my little penguin - flushable wipes help and you can get them at most pharmacies, as does Calmoseptine (we get it on Amazon) or Desitin.
My daughter has used hydrocortisone suppositories in the past for a fissure with good results.