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Burning skin after hospital visit (neuropathy?)

I'm mostly a lurker here, but I wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on what I'm going through since I got out of the hospital a week ago. I went in through the ER on June 5 for what I thought was a possible obstruction - severe cramping pain, nausea, unable to eat or drink anything. I was admitted and spent 5 days on Flagyl, steroids, pain medication, and Zofran.

During my stay I swelled up a lot more than usual from the steroids - my legs became swollen and I seemed to retain a lot of fluid. About 2 days into the stay I started feeling this burning feeling under my skin, like a sunburn, except there was no redness or anything visible on my skin. It stretched across my shoulders and behind my neck. I thought maybe it was just the steroids making me hot.

Well, by the time I was released I was pretty sure I had peripheral neuropathy from the Flagyl. My feet were feeling numb and tingly. I mentioned this to the doctors: They said it was unlikely. However, I'd experienced nerve problems from Cizmia and I believe this is it.

After a week of being out of the hospital, the burning sensation still exists and is horrible. At times it makes my throat and chest burn, even my mouth and lips. Eating is difficult when my throat burns like this. The numbness and tingling in my feet seems to be subsiding, but I'm wondering when and if this feeling in my arms and chest will go away. I'm calling my doctor tomorrow to report it, but I already have a history as one of those "patients who reacts to everything" and I'm afraid I won't be taken seriously.

One more thought: could this be something caused by the high doses of steroids and a bad reaction to those causing my blood sugar to spike? They didn't check my blood sugar nearly as often as they should have, and I'm going to see tomorrow about getting a diabetic testing kit from my doctor so I can monitor it. I'm terrified that the burning sensation is neuropathy caused by a spike in glucose.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome! I'm a nervous wreck and can barely focus on anything.


It sounds like there are a bunch of potential causes. It would be hard to pinpoint why you have these feelings. My suggestion would be to see a neurologist.
Yes, I'm thinking that's going to be where this is headed. It'll be six months before I can see one, but in the meantime I'll get a blood sugar monitor and keep an eye on that.