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Odd one this!

Since my son started on Infliximab/Remicade he has done nothing but burp! Its been 9 days since his first infusion, and he just burps constantly, drinking and eating dont trigger it!!

He is still currently at home as still in pain and discomfort, and has dizzy spells, appetite has increased slightly, just concerned that when he returns to school and burps during lessons he might get told off or the other kids laugh at him!
Awww, what a shame for the little guy. My son had an awful lot of burping and bloating before he was diagnosed but since he started meds its fine now. I hope you get it sorted out as i know what you mean about kids, cruel little sods sometimes. xxxx
Rowan Burps a lot but so do I... like a sailor. It just happens. Maybe try following a low-gaps diet can reduce the gas build up or maybe digestive enzymes could help. I was planning to do these things as well but after the recent hospital stays I have decided to leave her be for a bit so she can feel normal-ish.
Still burpring, says it helps otherwise he feels sick! Wondering if its indigestion, only started since infliximab, can happen anytime, doesnt drink fizzy drinks on a regular basis, maybe 2 a week. He has 2nd infliximab on Monday so will ask nurse then for any ideas. He still isnt feeling great, no school, pale as anything, no energy, not really hungry, and still in pain, when we ask how he is feeling he answers 'the same, pants!' very very fed up at the moment. Doesnt help he keeps having dizzy spells, again will mention on Monday.
Can you call the GI nurse? He deserves answers. I have ulcers in my stomach ( I think) and burping seems to help when the pain hits. Not all the time though.

Does the dizziness last on and off through out the day?