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But you don't look sick...

Yup. Well I always look tired, have for years, but I have had people say things like 'You look really well today' when I actually feel ghastly. Then again I also have has people say I look tired/unwell when I am actually feeling pretty good! Go figure!
Oh and what about the comments like 'It's not fair, you're so skinny!' I HATE those ones as well. I'd rather have a big bum and feel healthy!
I was at the GP office the other day and the nurse says 'Looks like you lost a few pounds. Wish I could do that."( 16 since the last visit 3 wks ago) I told her not by choice and she didn't want to the way I was. She actually said "I'd get rid of it anyway I could" I simple said "I have CD" "Oh never mind" she says. "I guess I don't want to lose it that bad." Duh
beth said:
I had that at the weekend from Paul's mom. Grrrrrrrrrr.
Don't get me started on my mother-in-law. :voodoo: She told Janis and I when we first got married that it wouldn't last a year. That was 31 years ago. Anyway, the old battle axe would always say thing like "well just eat more" or " you'll never put any weight on if you don't eat better" or my favorite " Now you know what a woman goes through when thier pregnant.":ybatty: My response was to turn to my wife and say "I didn't know you were an a$$hole baby." Luckily she knew what I was doing. I think Janis had a long talk to her mother after that one.
Hate it! I needed to lose a few pounds before I got ill, so in terms of shape & figure, yes I look good... I wore skinny jeans today!

The problem is everyone thinks I look great, and if you look great they expect youvto be great! And when you turn round and say well actually I feelike crap, they look at you like you are lying!


I also particularly dislike the "well you look REALLY well" when it's pitched in a tone that says, the speaker doesn't give a rats fart how you actually feel.... Think we've a been on the receiving end of that little gem of a conversation stopper...


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That is one of my favs.
You don't look sick.
Yeah well I'm going to use your bathroom later, then make the decision buddy.
I don't usually share very much and the people that I do share with just wouldn't say that kinda crap. I have had the "you look like crap" comments when I'm really not feeling well, but this is from people I have worked with for almost 10 years, so they know me.

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"You don't LOOK sick..."

"Yeah.... and you don't LOOK like such an a**hole!"

Got it all the time. My mom would say that I looked "pretty good" one day, and I just wanted to laugh in her face. Pretty good? My butt is on fire! My insides feel like they're falling out! Elves are stabbing me in the stomach with knitting needles! I feel like I either just got hit by a truck or I want to jump out in FRONT of one!!!

Now that I think about it, I actually DID laugh in her face.....
Sometimes I look tired, and sometimes during a flare I look a bit grey... but I usually look the very picture of health.
The best one is when I return to work after a long period of (medically certified) sickness. If someone says: "you look well" I just say: "Good!"
My response back to any fool that tells me I don't look sick is, "well I wish I felt half as good as I look then". I mean I'm sure some people don't mean for it to come across the way it does, alot is in the delivery and who is saying it to you as well.

When I was first DX my GI at the time actually said to me "you don't look like the kind of person that should have a disease like this"...I think he actually meant it as a compliment but I was soooo deathly ill at the time I was more offended than anything (bitchy when I'm deathly ill) it was like why should only ugly people get a disease like this or something, I don't know, I just found it offensive even if that wasn't his intent.

I've heard things from "friends" like, "well it's one way of keeping your great slim figure isn't it?" Pretty inscensitive but that's what some people are like.

I get it at work quite a bit. Also get a lot of "You don't look so good" Especially now that I am losing more and more weight and my face gets really thin and pale.