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BUTCHERED, why did I call it that? I read Ret. Dr Robert Yoho's book BUTCHERED BY HEALTHCARE, felt it was my story.

Where do you start? The Hystrectomy for Endometrosis, waking up Puking acid from a hormone patch, that shut your bowel down,. To many attempts to find a hormone replacement until I refused any more, but the gastric damage was already done. A Meneriere's attack, loss of hearing, due to the Germentin via 2 laser holes in my left ear, a 3 day procedure. Vertigo falls,1 flat on my AB damaged the Vegus Nerve. Four yrs in and out of the ER, hospital stays for 3 days on an unedible liquid diet. CT's only, Idiopathic Colitis. Gastro never did hospital calls, Didn't listen. I moved, changed Primaries, he began running the GI test that the Gastro wouldn't. All negative until he ran the Gastric Delay Test. BINGO Gastroperesis Slow Digestion. That got the Gastro's attention. AHA I have pill for you, REGLAN 1 pill later HIVES, Then I began the journey of looking up what REGLAN, thank God for an inqusitive mind. Turns out REGLAN was BLACK Boxed for Neurological diseases. Well lets order the British version from the Philippenes. Domperidone. I'm Medicare/Tricare Life hubby spent 20yrs as career USN 58-78, they don't cover overseas meds. Looking it up you find it's BLACKED Boxed for Heart Disease. You already have an Enlarged Heart with a small Mitral Valve Leak, One of the simplest diagnosises that a simple XRay and a Stethoscope finds My Neurologist had to tell me I needed a Cardio ASAP. Not my primary who had taken yearly XRays, EKG's. but didn't think it important enough to tell you, you had. Nexium was added to control the Hiatial Hernia caused GERD. I went from 140 lns to 108 lbs. GASTROPERSIS!

To the Chron's Administrator who said she had lost 10 lbs, vomiting/diahrrea bloating, Please Have a Gastric Delay test run you have Classic Gastroparesis symptoms. It's a 4 hr test, you eat 2 eggs, 2 slices of toast die laced, AB pics 1 and hour to see how long it takes you to digest that bland food. I still can't eat much or fast, meals are in cups, or saucers. Bad thing is eventually you become a Type 2 Diabetic, more food restrictions. I use Humalong, the pills hated me. Metformin is a Failure drug, no one should take.

I've had 1 SIBO attack. Xifaxan worked for it, but had a time getting the Gastro to run the Breathe test, Xifaxan is terribly expensive, thankfully Tricare Life covers it at the Navy Pharmacy, FREE. Which BTW buys up lots of about to or expired drugs.

I spent years eliminating undigestible foods. adding Pre and Probiotics. Bone vitaimns/minerals. Jan of 2021 a 2nd Menierie's attack, more hearing loss, Migraines, Vertigo, falls. I'm a Doctor's nightmare to treat, as most medications Hate me. 1:30 AM Jan 1, woke up with unending Diahrra, the bloating, pain of SIBO, 'you've not been seen for more than 2 yrs. DUH, I see the Gastro now only once every 3 yrs, GERD causes Barrett's Esopagus a pre cancer that is biopsied, unless its a must, need, he is about to retire and only doing colonscreens. Took till March 2nd to get a colonscreen. Result Lymphocytic Colitis. "I HAVE A TREATMENT FOR THAT, SEE ME IN 3 MONTHS. Meanwile the Xifaxan is working fairly well. I HATE CHEMICAL-GENERIC NAMES they are hard to prounounce. And cause confusion. 1646688764511.png1646688764511.png