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Butt hurts

Does anyone have any suggestions for hemroid pain? Trying pads soaked in witchhazel and warm baths. Not helping much. Its like having a throbbing toothache in my butt. And if it gets too bad, what doc do I see for this? GI? I'm thinking a lot of people have this problem?? :(
and if they don't have it in stock - ask them to order it - they can usually get it the next day. Calmo - it's the mantra around here......

My Butt Hurts

Yup. Calmo rocks the hizzouse. Love that stuff. I even sent some as a Christmas gift last year. It's worth its weight in gold.

edit - Just read your sig, Smurph. Looks like you're going through a lot there. Hope it gets better for you soon. And welcome to the forum.
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Thanks so much for the tip. Got samples of Calmoseptine from my docs physician assistant. It really does work. I slept through the night ! She also gave me a prescriotion for anusol suppositories, haven't tried them yet. I also joined the Humira club yesterday with my loading dose. Burns, but if it works its worth it.