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Butter or ghee

I've been wondering why both butter and ghee are allowed on SCD. SCD is lactose free, and making ghee removes the lactose from butter, right? So, shouldn't butter not be allowed? I've been sticking to ghee, but wondering if others eat butter? Feel ok eating butter? Or understand why it is allowed?


I thought, like yoghurt, the act of making it (butter) removes the lactose due to the enzymes
Butter/ghee is nutritionally extremely similar. Very little of anything other than milk fats in either. Ghee is a purer, more refined product (less water/milk solids) and I use it for frying sometimes because of it's higher smoke point but if you aren't super sensitive to diary either should be fine. If you are then stick to the ghee and maybe give butter or clarified butter a try when you feel like it and see how it goes (probably just fine).

I can get great quality butter and ghee here so I use both. If you have a ready source of either I'd be much more concerned with the quality of item than one vs the other.