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C-Diff again?

Hi all,
At the risk of sounding super paranoid.... How many of you have had c diff return?
I'm having cramping WAY watery orange stools (they're always watery but this seems different), headache , low grade fever, backache.
Oh and an odd rash all over my stomach the other day out of nowhere that went away.
Any ideas? Of course, it's the weekend.... So I thought I'd ask my forum family rather than bother dr. Since pain is not too crazy.
I hope it's not coming back! I had it 2 months ago.
Thanks gang! And blessings :)


Naples, Florida
Unfortunately, it's not that uncommon for c.diff to return.

Did they give you information about how much cleaning you have to do EVERYWHERE you spend time to reduce risk of reinfection? To properly deal with c.diff, especially in someone whose immune system is having trouble such as a Crohnie, it's much more involved than just taking antibiotics.
Oh yes, I bleached and continue to bleach every square inch of my home! Feeling a bit better today so maybe I'm just fighting little bug ( fingers crossed)!