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C Diff - no fever and no cramps?

Almost wondering if I have managed to pick up C Diff? No fever and no cramps. Usual level of fatigue (so high :lol2: ) but very liquid stools that smell different and quite strong.

Have never had C Diff before. Has anyone had it and had their only symptom be gross smelling diarrhea?
You should get tested for C-Diff asap because it's very contagious.

I am having the same symptoms right now and tested negative for C-Diff, and other bacterial diseases. Now being tested for Celiac disease.
Thanks. Yeah, I did go an see my doctor this morning and should know results early next week. She also ordered a couple of other stool tests.

Thanks for the reply. Hope you don't have Celiac.
I ended up getting diagnosed with microscopic colitis, in addition to Crohn’s. I’m taking Budesonide to treat it, and that is working well. My doctor said it’s not common to have both, but it’s not unheard of. It took a long time to diagnose because we assumed it was a Crohn’s flare initially. Many of the same symptoms but it just didn’t feel like Crohn’s to me.