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C. diff or IBD?

This all started the end of September/beginning of November when I was diagnosed with a rare skin condition - erythema multiforme (can be a manifestation of Crohn's). In trying to diagnose/treat, was put on a broad spectrum antibiotic followed by a z-pack. While on the z-pack, had very painful bowel movements with blood on the stool and on the paper after wiping. PCP suspected hemorrhoids/fissure though I had no history.

This was followed by some diarrhea and then multiple loose stools daily with lighter/yellow coloring. My PCP ran a stool test and it came back positive for C. diff. Put on 10 days of flagyl, no real improvement, relapsed, and put on 10 days of vancomycin which by day 8 felt mostly normal and did so for about 10 days until I relapsed again.

After the next relapse, had two stool tests that came back positive but seems all of my tests might have just been positive for the antigen and not the toxins meaning my symptoms could be something else.

Am currently on Dificid but my GI wants to see how I feel and possibly schedule a colonoscopy in case "it's something else". Aside from the blood on the z-pack and some blood tinged mucus when I relapsed after the flagyl, have had no blood and really no pain except for mid-back pain.

Calling my GI today but guess I am wondering if this were IBD would I have felt better on vanco? Is it common for the only real symptoms of IBD to be multiple loose stools, mucus, excess gas, and mid back-pain? Am 30 years old (almost 31) and never really had any GI issues until all of this.
You can also sometimes experience diarrhea and blood and weight loss with IBD. Some people experience Extra Intestinal Manifestations. Everyone is different with the symptoms they experience with IBD. I am not familiar with vanco myself.
My GI thinks I have PI-IBS but has me scheduled for a colonoscopy January 20th to rule out microscopic colitis or IBD.

Current symptoms are alternating constipation (2-3 days) then formed but soft stools (1-5 times a day). Also have incomplete bowel movements, mild bloating, gas, belching, pressure/fullness on my rectum, and mild pains/cramping but think most of it is from straining on the toilet. Recently, no blood, mucus, and never had a fever or joint pain.

Truly hoping this is just IBS but my anxiety is currently off the charts.