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C-Reactive Protein a little high

So got my blood tests back and luckily the only abnormal one was my C-Reactive protein, normal is 0.0-3.0 mine was.......18.9 I laughed out loud when i saw that. Luckily blood count looks good so I should be able to increase the azathiaprine once I speak to my Doc.

What has been your highest count to date for the C-Reactive Protein? That is definitely my highest!
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Wow! Guess I aint so bad then. No matter how bad you feel someone is always going through worse it seems.
A recent blood test showed mine was down from 44 to 12 after just 5 days on pred and imuran!!! I have had a more recent one, but haven't got the results yet...who knows - I could be almost normal!!!


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I got mine back today. It's 8.4. Yeah, not that high but obviously some inflammation going on and my GI is trying to figure out where to treat it properly so it doesn't go up any higher. :D

Edit: Don't know my highest, doctors never told me when I was younger before my surgery.
My highest was 105, straight back on the Pred.

It went down to 5 after two weeks of Pred, and its went back up to 35 last week as I'm tapering my Pred dose. Expecting it to be higher next week as I'm in a fair bit of pain the last couple of days.


Mine was 261 back in Jan, but I had an infection and in hospital
It was 89 in April, then 30 in August, not been checked since.
mine was 201.7 in 2008 when i first discovered i had crohn's.
i was just trying to figure out if that is a possible number!
i guess it is.

in june i was down to 11.0.
Mine has been steady at 22-25 for a few years now, not got any higher even though am really ill now. Had one taken last week but not got the results yet.

The normal reading is highly debated, my GI said 8, Rheumy said should be 0 but would grudgingly allow up to 10, and GP says upto 20 is fine!
Yep my CRP was way up in the 300's when I was first admitted to hospital. At the time they thought I had a parasitic infection and so was treated for that. Was still up in the 300's when I had an abscess, dropped down after that was drained.

Has stayed around 80 for the last 18 months until I started Pred a couple of months ago. Mesal & Imuran weren't bringing it down but Pred has brought it down finally.

Was at 11 last blood test, will be interesting to see what it is when I haven next blood test in a week or so.

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My CRP was 262 post op in 2008.
Lowest on pentasa - 42
Lowest on aza/6mp - 7 (but the drug made me so ill)
Lowest on pred -10

Haven't had a blood test for over a year now.i am 100% in remission.

e13 boy Serovera AMP Loperamide(due to short bowel)
I'm a little confused. Is the CRP posted different on different labs? My son's GI doc was alarmed when his CRP was 3.5. The normal range on his sheet said 0.0-1.0. Next to that range it says mg/dL. The numbers you are all posting are different...so is 3.5 also "35"?


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Yes it is 35 in mg/l and I would imagine that the figures that most are quoting are in milligrams per litre as opposed to milligrams per decilitre.

Dusty. :)
So if mine is 24.9 and down from 44 - it isn't all that bad? I see chart saying good is 0-10 and 20-30 moderate and then after that is considered high. So confusing. Thank you for posting this. I was thinking 24 and off the charts high! Dr. called me at 44 but didn't bother and just sent letter at 24. Figured that had to be better news. I felt better when I was at 44 though. Go figure.
I haven't been diagnosed with IBD yet (if I even have it that is!) but my highest CRP level was 12. My Dr. said 5 was considered around normal and although 12 is raised, if it was Crohns we'd be looking at a result of about 100 upwards.

She also said raised CRP levels can be anything from Crohns, to something like a tooth extraction. (if you have the test immediately after)
RickUK- your doctor is wrong about the CRP levels. My child, with confirmed Crohn's, had a CRP around the same level as yours and it was actually within normal range when he started his Crohn's treatment. But he has confirmed Crohn's. I hope your eelvated level was not due to IBD, and it can certainly be due to anything causing inflammation. But I want to stress that a very elevated CRP is NOT required for a Crohn's diagnosis, and don't know anyone with Crohn's who ever had one of 100. Get an opinion from another dr.
In the UK the level is up to 10 being normal. With a crohns flare 30% will still have normal levels (many docs unaware of this fact) and very high levels often are infection.

I always have normal CRP despite very active Crohn's, even with major small bowel bleeding due to inflammation, but when I have sepsis my CRP rises. I think it was 260 when I had pyelonephritis.
It is a very non specific test. Even obesity can cause a small rise (it is thought adipose tissue causes small amounts of inflammation)