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C-Reactive Protein Levels and other stuffs

Saw my GI doc today and I am a record setter! :)

He told me that my C-reactive Protein level was the highest he has ever seen, it was 140, normal is 4.9 and under.

Are you a record setter!

Started 6MP today and they scheduled someone to come by and show me how to take Humira, those are on order from the online pharmacy, will take about 10 days to get them, but only $100 for a 90 day supply so I cant complain.


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Well Matts CRP was 370 something and his WCC was 35 when he was admitted to hospital in January but I"m sure I have read higher CRP's on here! :eek2:

Good luck with the new meds hun, I hope they do the trick! :goodluck:

Dusty. xxx


Mine was 261 last year
It's 33 this month, but that's up from last month which was 19.

I have seen it 700 and odd on here!
mine was 280 when I had an abscess got it done when I was actually starting to feel better so not sure how high it went, it was between 60-90 prior to getting diagnosed. I read a chart somewher that 0-10 was normal 10-200 was mild - moderate inflammation and anything above 200 was severe trauma somewhere but I think it can go right up the hundreds depending. Don't quote me on those levels it was along time ago that I looked so could be completely wrong!!!!!