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C Reactive Protein Spiked 10 Points Higher in One Month??

Hi everyone,

I’m 24 years old and currently waiting on the results of my Prometheus (stool) test. Last year, after five months of consecutive illnesses (including more than 15 mouth ulcers at once), I tested positive for C diff. I finished a course of flagyl and tested negative, but I actually had worse diarrhea after the c diff then I did when I had it. I saw a GI doctor who did an endosocopgg and colonoscopy, during which he said that he saw mild inflammation and no sign of crohns. Biopsy for celiacs was negative.

When I had c diff, my CRP went up to 9, which my GI said was a level affiliated with crohns. Over the summer, it went up to 12. I cut out gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, etc. at the request of an integrative doctor.

Fast forward to this November. I fell off the wagon with my diet. I went to an infectious disease doctor because I’ve had a swollen gland in my neck for six months and wanted it to be checked out. He thought I was completely fine, but ran some tests “just in case.” At that time, my CRP was 8.8. Sed rate and cr3 are also high. Since my WBC, lymph’s and platelets also came back high, he sent me for a ct scan. My insurance wouldn’t cover an upper half Scan, so he only scanned the lower, which showed enlarged glands near my intestines. Starting on January 1st, I cut dairy, gluten, soy and eggs out again and have also reduced my sugar, although I have been eating more fruit.

Throughout all of this, I’ve had intermittent diarrhea, chronic mouth ulcers and stomach pain. However, I do not lose weight or my appetite. My doctor referred me to a new GI but also ordered blood work and a Prometheus test. My WBC, lymps, platelets and now monocytes are all elevated. Sedimentation rate and C3 are still high. He also ordered an ASCA test. My igA reaction was normal but igG was 34. What really concerns me is that my CRP spiked to 18.8! And that’s two weeks after I cut all that food out! My stomach pains and diarrhea have been more frequent as well and my fingers feel stiff and swollen. I’ve also had more ulcers and my body aches everywhere.

Does this sound like crohns? What could make my CRP spike so high in one month?


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It could be Crohn's. It does sound like it is something inflammatory. When your old GI did scopes, did he/she also do an MRE or pillcam? Sometimes Crohn's is found in the small bowel, beyond where scopes can reach.

I am also curious - if he saw inflammation but did not think it was Crohn's, what did he think it was from? What did biopsies show?

I think a second opinion GI is a good idea. All the tests you have had so far - the elevated platelets, WBC and even the enlarged lymph nodes near your intestines - can be associated with Crohn's.

Have you ever had a Fecal Calprotectin stool test? It tells you if there is inflammation in the gut.

Additionally, if you have joint pain and swollen and stiff joints, you should see a rheumatologist. Certain kinds of inflammatory arthritis can have accompanying gut symptoms. Spondyloarthritis in particular is often associated with IBD and also with subclinical gut inflammation - basically mild inflammation that is not bad enough yet to qualify as Crohn's.

Also, CRP can go up and down quickly. It is not specific though - it just means that there is inflammation somewhere in your body.

It can also go up in response to a virus or a cold - have you had one recently, by any chance?