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C section and crohns recurring

I gave birth almost 2 months ago. The pregnancy had bumps along the way, but wasn't entirely horrible. Since giving birth though I have been miserable with cramping, side pains (apendix is already gone in a bowel resection surgery), diarrhea, loss of appetite, and crankiness from the pain and discomfort. My first child was a c section as well but nowhere near this bad afterms he was born. Before this pregnancy however I had frequent issues with flare ups and pain related to my crohns.

Is this common? If so what can manage it? I don't have an appt for help for 3 more weeks but this is going to be unbearable if I have no help between now and then.


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New York, USA
It is not uncommon to flare after pregnancy, especially if you were not fully in remission during the pregnancy.

Are you currently on any medications? I ended up going from 6mp onto Remicade when my daughter was about 7 months old.