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Caffeine: coffee or tea or else?

Hello, I used to drink 2/3 short coffees a day... I stopped it after some issues on my stomach 2 months ago (GERD symptoms, nausea etcc..)
I've been trying to reintroduce it this last 2 weeks, drinking 2 short coffees (1 morning, 1 afternoon), as I feel very tired the morning and caffeine helps me a lot to start my day with energy and smiles ;p

The problem is now I feel some disconfort in my stomach again, even if i'm using a PPI...

Based on your experiences do you recommend to stop coffee or drink only one short coffee by day, or substitute it with tea or other drinks?
I use to drink at least two cups of coffee a day. Then, caffeine started bothering my stomach and I couldn't drink coffee or coke without getting diarrhea a short time later. I had to cut out caffeine entirely. That is just my personal experience. Everyone is different.
I can't drink regular coffee at all anymore, just the occasional decaf. Some people are able to drink low acid coffee.


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I limit my coffee to one cup, and don't need more being able to sleep in to a decent hour in retirement. When I was working I drank coffee all morning long to cope with the early shift just to keep awake, and it didn't help my GI tract.
I don't buy coffee at restaurants or stores coffee shops anymore. They make it too strong and it irritates my digestive tract.

I make my coffee at home and I make it weak. They supply coffee at work, I pour half a cup of coffee and fill the rest up with hot water. Same with any hotel that supplies coffee. I only drink one cup a day.

I drink herbal tea and have no problem with it.
I can drink one cup of coffee a day if I'm not in a flare. I have had many debates with myself on whether this is bad for me or not. That is one thing I will not give up if I don't have to. I've had to give up so many things that I love but I allow myself one coffee per day, because it just makes me happy. But yes, everyone is different. I hope the one coffee in the morning and green tea in the afternoon works for you :)


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I can't have any caffeine as it triggers migraines for me. Even a low amount of caffeine, such as the amount in green tea, is enough for me to get a migraine. My gut issues and migraines started at about the same time, so I'm pretty sure they're related in some way. I can recall that years ago, before the gut issues and before the migraines, when I would drink coffee, I'd have to run to the bathroom with diarrhea shortly after drinking it. So it's never done good things for me even when I was a reasonably healthy person. I don't have any caffeine at all anymore, it's just not worth it to get a migraine. Herbal caffeine-free tea is it for me these days.