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Calling David and all Yogi Bears!

I've just found out that there is a small yoga group has started up on the island :yoshijumpjoy: It's been five years ................eeek....since I've done any and I've missed it so much.
Just wondering, about 2.5 months after a laporoscopic resection ( and partial cystectomy ), if you think it's OK to start again? I have a GI appointment in January - maybe I should wait til I see him?


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Hi Grumbletum
If it was me and with January so close---I would wait and see what your GI says about exercise.
Mine was very pleased that I went to the gym under the watchful eye of a kinesiologist and it makes me feel good. Sometime though I am not up to it.
Fortunately I have not experienced your type of surgery and do hope you are feeling better.
Any type of surgery usually entails internal suturing which may take longer to heal than the exterior ones.
I would strongly suggest to you to get the GI advice before embarking on any exercise program.
Hugs and best wishes