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Calmoseptine equivalent

Hi there

I live in the UK and have ordered Calmoseptine cream from the US many times previously as it have been a godsend for me - nothing I have found in the UK has been nearly as effective.

I have some on order however it has been delayed and I wont be getting for a couple fo weeks.

The problem is that I am going on holiday next week to Ibiza :)luigi:) and I have run out.

Does anybody have any suggestions/advise on what might be an alternative I can get in the UK??

Thanks guys and girls

Love you all and stay strong


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I don't know what brands are available in the UK, but the active ingredients in calmoseptine are menthol and zinc oxide. I suggest you try skin cream/ diaper rash sections of your local drug store ("chemist" in the UK?) and read the labels of the various creams and salves to find one with that combination.
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