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So I had a calprotectin test done a few months back after a colonoscopy and the results came back at 603. I also have a lot of food allergies... I was wondering if the allergies could cause a level this high? Has anyone else experienced this?

On a side note I'm also experiencing blood/mucus with stool. Since the test my GI Dr has put me on Sulfasalazine two 500 mg pills every twelve hours and it hasn't really helped I'm waiting on an authorization for Uceris... My doctor has also not stated what he thinks I have going on but everything I'm looking at leads to cd.

*most pain seems to be after eating/before/during bowel movement


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Hi disquared and welcome. :)

If your food allergies cause irritation and inflammation to your bowel then they could potentially elevate your FC (Faecal Calprotectin) levels, that would be what you would have to try and establish which I imagine would be quite difficult.

However, I am assuming from your symptoms, and the fact that the GI has commenced Sulfasalazine, that there is inflammation present and it is not related to food allergies.

So are you awaiting biopsy results for a definitive diagnosis?

The dose of Sulfasalazine you are on would be considered more of a maintenance dose for mild to moderate disease. Treating acute disease would require approximately double the dose you are taking now. That said the lower dose may have been prescribed to see if you tolerate it. Sulfasalazine is the older version of the newer 5ASA's to which Uceris belongs. The 5ASA's are similar to Sulfasalzine but without the Sulfa component which some people can't tolerate.


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Ah okay, so based on Comment part E coupled with what he saw during scoping I guess he too thinking it is Crohn's. Not sure why he hasn't discussed what he thinks and why with you when he commenced treatment.

Sulfasalasine and the 5ASA's have a less than brilliant track record in treating Ileal Crohn's disease as a monotherapy as is a topical agent only. I can understand him erring to caution if he feels the disease is very mild but if you aren't getting results within 4-6 weeks I would be going back and seeking further treatment otherwise the disease will just continue to simmer away.

Be sure you have serum inflammatory markers (CRP & ESR) done at least monthly so have a way of clinically tracking your response to treatment. If you feel you aren't responding also repeat the FC and if it is still elevated it is further evidence.
I didn't mention that my c-reactive protein was 0.5 mg/dl and my sed rate was 2mm/hr both which seem normal. I apologize for the confusion. I had the colonoscopy/endoscopy early spring 2016 and something happened with my insurance so I couldn't follow up with a dr until my insurance issue was solved a year later.

*Thank you for taking the time to respond. It's very appreciated