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Calprotectin level very low

Hi everyone!
I have Crohn's Colitis, diagnosed 2012, on Lialda since then and added Humira 3 yrs ago.
Prior to Humira I was having a lot of bad flares and my Calprotectin was always high in the 700's which was to be expected. Since Humira, I've had maybe 2 'mini flares' so I know it's working.
Back in August I ran out of Lialda and my pharmacy delayed in filling it so I was without for 11 days, tipped me into a mini-flare. It resolved when I restarted the Lialda so I know I also need that med as my Crohn's is only in my Colon and Lialda works to reduce inflammation on the surface level.

Anyway...by the time I got the labs and Calprotectin level checked, I was feeling ok and the level came back at 8. Never ever been that low.

I thought that level would indicate no IBD. or does it just indicate remission?

I am waiting for a reply from my Dr about this but wanted to see if anyone has low levels like this?

my last colonoscopy was 2 yrs ago, looked better than previous ones but had a pre-cancerous polyp removed so have to get another scope in Novemeber.

sorry for long winded post !!
thank you :)

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Caloprotectin level is just one number of many your Gi checks
Below 50 is ideal for crohns patients
My kiddo is below 15 consistently when his meds are working
This indicates no inflammation was found on that stool marker which is a good thing
When combined with no inflammation on bloodwork,scans and scopes then his doc states remission
But my kiddo will always have crohns


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I thought that level would indicate no IBD. or does it just indicate remission?
A calprotctin level that low does not mean that you are cured of your IBD. Currently there is no cure. Some day maybe, but not yet on the forseeable horizon. It does suggest that you are enoying a solid remission, so from a calprotectin perspective, keep doing what you are doing.

But there is more to assessing the state of your disease than just fecal calprotectin. There is also colonoscopy, MRE, CRP, and your symptoms. The various signs and tests do not always agree. If most or all of these align with the calprotectin, then you are doing really great. Long may your remission last!
thank you! I have to get another scope so that will be interesting to see if it corresponds with the F Cal. My CRP was normal and ESR only slightly raised. Humira has been good to me even though I hate relying on it and have the side effects but still better than the awful flares!