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Can anyone drink coffee...

Thanks !! Iam gonna try it,,, what brand and flav? I hear what your saying about pred it can drive yu made crazy... but, it makes yu feel good..How long have you been taking humira?


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New York, USA
I have at least 1 cup every morning.....I drink generic store brands, and switch it up with dark roast beans I grind myself....sometimes something like Trader Joes, or other select/smaller brands....
I just have regular coffee with vanilla creamer :). I have been on Humira for 2 years now and have been in remission that long!!
I shouldn't, but I love coffee and haven't been able to give it up. I only drink one cup a day now though, and can't tolerate coffee from a press at all. I stick to light roasts, usually from my keurig which limits the chances that some of the grinds are going to find their way into my cup.
Thanks for the response.. Iam gonna try it.. I had tried hot Chocolate with almond milk and seemed ok and was really good. But, I sure do miss a vanilla lat from Starbucks..
I had to stop for a while when I was ill. Now I drink a few cups a day.

It does not bother me as long as I spread it out over the day.

I find that if I drink coffee not only do I need a bathroom nearby, I also get pretty bad reflux (not sure why that is!)

Oh I miss the days of a good espresso!

H :)


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Hi Super
I take cholestramine and nothing I eat or drink goes straight thru me. It doesn't taste that good,I hate gritty food ,but it sure works for me and I only need a level teaspoon a day.. Ron.
I can only drink tea... I go between Lipton black tea or Tazo Earl Grey

Its funny how I never thought the coffee was the problem- I learn more on here than anywhere else!

Thank you!