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Can anyone help please?

Recently I feel constipated and when I go to the toilet I have to strain.

I had this last night but then I was having the stomach cramps you get when you have diarrheah but I was having to push to get it out?! It was almost like the 'door' that let's the stool into the rectum was right shut or something. It's freaked me out.

Stool sample in April showed I had elevated inflammatory markers. I was refer to a GI who basically dismissed it all as being ibs and said he was not going to do any tests.

The thing is I've had this above before and then everything went back to relative normality. Then it's happened again. Straining to pass diarrheah?

Does anyone know what this could be? I'm due to submit another stool sample and I know it was still come back elevated so I'm going to push for a second opinion. I also have a dull pain in my stomach when I eat. Always on the right side.

Anyone know what's going on?

I,ve not had exactly the same but have been constipated and had severe trots work that one out!first don,t strain try and up your fluid intake it helps this is a daft one that helps when your on the throne and you need to go and can,t,raise your feet,rest them on a couple of books,think about the angle and see your doctor if it doesn't,t improve soon.
P.s one from my clinic nurse for constipation eat a piece of trigger food.
I have what I call "constipated diarrhea" about once a week or so with my Crohn's, usually after I've had a fairly normal stool that day already. After about 5-10 minutes of pain and feeling like I have to "go" but can't, it finally happens as diarrhea. I'm starting vedolizumab infusions tomorrow, so I'm hoping it will relieve this symptom as well as all the others.

So, have you not actually been diagnosed with Crohn's? I would definitely request a second opinion if I were you. Good luck!
I have mc and im chronically constipated and pushing only helps so much, ill go for days and sometimes weeks without passing anything. What you explain sounds normal to me, but good to get it checked when it is new and different to you and we are all different. GL