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Can beano prevent overnight gas build-up?

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Has anyone tried using Beano to prevent the dreaded overnight gas build-up? I have an ileostomy and hate having to wake up at 3am to empty or burp my bag.



It IS a brilliant product! But it's only in the USA as far as I know. Beano should help yes...but, it wont cure it sadly. I've had horrible gas this week myself. No idea cause I'm not eating broccoli or anything that should cause it??

Perhaps I've been snoring too much and taking in too much 'air'. Damn, I wish I could fart normally and torture my other half as much as he torture me at night with farts! And the dogs...they could use a few back at em! (hmmmm dare I burp in dogs faces??)
Definitely misty, my husband kids and dogs just let them rip and I am slowly working up the courage to burp miss piggy in the car while they are all hostage.

What is beans? Is it a charcoal tablet or similar. I am over the 2 or more bag releases thru the night. As I've mentioned before I am a bit of a gassy gal.
I also find that if I eat anything high in sugar, or carbonated soft drinks, I think it encourages production either of straight gas or of bacteria that produce gas. I don't eat anything anymore that is recognized as a gas producer, but I still get a lot.