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Can Elemental 028 Extra cause this pain?

Please, I'd appreciate any advice you could give me.
I just started enteral nutrition therapy, with Elemental 028 Extra, on my own with no medical assistance whatsoever as my country's doctors don't support this method.
I am on day 4 and have strong stomach pain, bloating, gurggling and green diarrhea with gas. What worries me the most is the pain... Are these symptoms normal? I have no one to turn to so am a bit concerned.
Thank you very much!
Hi Littleshoes,

Did you slowly introduce the E028, or did you go straight to the full daily amount? When I was on E028 I was told to introduce it over a period of a few days, else it can cause pain and bloating. The green diarrhea is a normal side-effect for many people on EN, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Hi SarahD!
Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it :)
No, I didn't introduce the E028 gradually, I happen to like the flavour (I know! I am a strange one! :eek2: ) and had no problem drinking the formula so I dove straight in and drank 8 cartons a day from day one! Perhaps my stomach is in overload mode hence the pain?
You guys are so lucky to find support within your country's Healthcare system... It is scary to face this challenge alone (not to mention extremely expensive)
I am so glad I found this forum!! :ghug:
Thanks again :hug:
Hi and welcome.
My Grace is 6 and has this disease. She drinks splash also.
Yes it could be because you had to much up front.
Now my Grace had constipation while on this. I know she's different. Lol
Make sure to monitor your weight.
Just to give you a reference my 6 year old at 45 pounds needs 5-7 cartoons a day. She needs more of she's flaring.
Right now Grace is back on food but has a gtube placed if and when she flares again.

Sorry for bad typing, on my phone. :-D
I suggest you make sure you are drinking lots of plain water every day too. At least two to three litres per day are necessary as well as the 028.
@Farmwife I am sorry to hear your little girl has the disease. It's heartbreaking to see kids going through illnesses, so unfair :frown: I send both of you lots of hugs! Thanks for your advice too, I will watch my weight from now on :thumright:

@Mattie Thank you for the water tip!! I have been drinking a lot more since I read your reply and tummy pain has calmed down :dusty: Thanks so much!!
I'm pleased you are feeling better littleshoes. When I started with 028 this was drummed into me! Drink, drink, then drink again. If I forget this, I too get stomach pain.