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Can hemorrhoids have holes with discharge?


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Hi all:

Developed a hemorrhoid last night, which was surprising as everything in that region has been great. Applied Prep-H, and this afternoon in the shower I discovered it's now much less swollen but with an indentation in the centre. (Pre-H typically gets rid of a hemorrhoid for me in 1-2 days unless I'm doing really poorly.) From this indentation has been blood (not gushing, but enough to stain clothing before I noticed it) and now a clear discharge.

Can this still be a hemorrhoid or are we in cyst or fistula territory now? I have a GI appointment 12 days from now and will ask him, but I'm curious to know what all of you have to say. Thanks in advance!
Hey Kelly. I have no experience in this unfortunately, so I have no helpful advice to give. :(

I wonder if when it was inflamed it could have cracked and now that it has shrunken, it's causing the indentation and you're seeing the seepage of blood/fluids. Just a shot in the dark. I really have no clue.

Maybe if it gets worrisome you could give your gynae a call? Wonder if they might be helpful and possibly be able to see you sooner than the 12 days.
I would definitely say call the GI and let him know what's happening. I've experienced the bleeding/drainage with both fistulas and perianal fissures, which can also get infected. Anything in this area deserves a call to the doc, just to be safe. The GI can prescribe antibiotics as well as cortisone foam, which works way better that prep H. Also, applying Bactrim ointment after each BM helps keep things under control, as well as my beloved Calmoseptine lol!


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Hi: I appreciate the info. I'll leave a phone message for the GI, per your advice. No Bactrim, though - deathly allergic! ;)



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I've never had a fistula, but I have had a hemmie in the past, and it never got a hole (and it also didn't respond whatsoever to prep H). I agree with everyone else above, it sounds suspiciously like something other than a hemmie and is worth looking into before it gets any worse.
Very occasionally a haemorrhoid can get a small hole in it if it develops a haematoma within it(or if it was a perianal haematoma in the first place which look like haemorrhoids but more purply/blue and tender to touch).
However I would agree that you need to get this checked out as it could also be a fistula.


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Sweet, a bit of hope from MissH (this is one of the few times that a person wants a hemorrhoid, eh?). And I was wrong, my appt. is THIS Thursday, not next week, so that cuts down on the waiting time. It is getting more tender (I hope I can keep it from getting infected - this is not a good spot for an open wound) and almost continually, uh, leaking.