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Can humira cause acne?

So I have been on humira 6 weeks exactly (today I inject my second maintenance dose) and I have began to notice some acne in my face along my jaw and hairline close to my ears.

I normally don't break out this much (I'm 32) and I didn't have this much acne months ago. In fact I had perfectly clear skin! Which oddly enough was while I was on prednisone. I haven't changed my diet much or anything else other than started to lightly workout. The only thing that has changed is starting humira.

Has anyone else experienced this?

my little penguin

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Ds is a teenager so he has acne now but was on humira in the early preteen years no acne at all (ages 9-14)
We were told woth inflammatory diseases such as crohns - the odds are more likely acne can appear far worse than average
Recommend seeing a dermatologist since it may not be acne
Crohns is associated with sweets syndrome (rare ) which can cause acne like pustular rash

good luck