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Can I donate blood/organs?

I want to know darn it! I'm not getting anywhere online and as I am in the BC registry ( registered before I knew I had Crohns) I think this is a need to know thing. I haven't gotten a call back, and I am impatient. A anyone have any idea? I have been on Humira for 1 1/2 years, not flaring, no fistulas, no infections.


if its anything like Uk then no for blood, but maybe ok for parts. Its a bugger but paperwork wins unfortunately .. as long as youve tried your best
I tried to donate blood once, but they told me I couldn't because of my crohns disease! I don't see why not.. It's not contagious!

Sorry I don't know about humira but I'm guessing if you have crohns you won't be allowed to anyway
i got told in the UK that they wouldnt take anything from me because of my crohns :(

i was devastated as it was something i have wanted to do ever since i was small. Im not sure the reasons why but it sucks x
the registry called back and told me that all the processes of donation will take place and that the recipient will be the one to decide if the risk is allowable. Good to know.
blood services in british columbia said no. they don't know enough about how the autoimmune diseases will manifest later down the road so until that happens no donation.


They also have to look after your health as well. Im guessing due to our health they would rather you didnt than give blood, become ill and end up using more blood than you gave / end up in hospital.

I know that I should give blood due to skydiving either as it can take over 2 weeks to get your blood back to normal and being so high up there you are more likely to become hypoxic
Can you store you're own blood? You may not be able to donate to others but you could certainly use your own in case of injury. and it may reduce your insurance by having it on hand, especially if you partake in high risk activities such as skydiving. Good on you by the way, I am a coward, no letting go of a perfectly good aircraft for me : )
You might be able to donate platelets. That's not the same as them using the whole blood. I used to donate, before I got sick. I have a bunch of gallon pins. I could send you one. :D You're not missing anything, really. Free cookies and juice.
Humira... you can't donate blood until you are off of it for six months. It says this somewhere in the information packet that it comes with it. I don't know if that affects organs or not.
Guess I should read the fine print sometime. I will look into the humira angle and get info on platelets. thanks
Here in the U.S you can donate blood with Crohn's. You just have to watch out which meds they allow you to donate with. I'm on 6MP and Lialda mainly and I was told I could as long as the GI okayed it. I.m up to 3 pints! :D