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Can I still take cimzia?

Hello all

Hope you have managed to enjoy some of Christmas.
I will be speaking to my dr about this as I forgot to ask today and now I will have to wait until after the bank holiday but wanted to see if anyone had anything similar.

I went to the dentist today as the left side of my face is agony and it turns out my wisdom tooth breaking through has left a flap of gum which has now got an infection in it. I have been given antibiotics to start, which I am really not looking forward too, but can I still take my cimzia?
Also any ideas on how to dull the pain? I have been taking painkillers and using bonjela but it is still sore I have filled up the ice cube tray just waiting for it to freeze so I can use that on my face.

Hope you all have a happy new year x


I had to do some dental work while on Cimzia. Your doctor may differ but mine said its fine but they preferred I did any work in between injections at the half way point. So, if you inject bi-weekly, try to do it in your off week as that way you are theoretically the least immunocompromised while still on the medicine. Hope that makes sense.
That makes sense but there isn't a plan to remove the tooth at this point. I was more concerned about taking cimzia whilst having an infection and on antibiotics, I don't want to make anything worse. It's good to know in the future if it comes to it I won't have to cause myself more pain stopping the injections.


Oh sorry I am half asleep and just assumed you meant dental work. If you have an active infection that's a different story and your doctor may very well want to delay your injection.

With my abscess on Cimzia I had one doctor who had me take the drug and another who postponed it.
That's ok I know the half asleep feeling pretty much constant at the moment lol.
I thought it might come down to missing it I just don't want to miss to many as I didn't take it last week as I thought I was coming down with a bug but now I think it's just crohn's being a pain.