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Can I still take Humira/Entocort if I have a cold?

Hi everyone,

I just started Humira on Monday with my loading dose (4 shots) and I'm also on 9 mg of entocort for another 3 weeks....

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and congested nose--think it is just a cold, but I was wondering if I should stop taking the Entocort and since I'm also on Humira do I need to call my doc to make sure I don't end up with a serious infection?

I don't want to be a hypochondriac but I know right now my immune system is suppressed and I don't want it to turn into something more serious.

Thanks for your answers! :)
Hmmm, I'd probably call since you just had a big loading dose on Monday of this week. I wouldn't be so worried about the entocort since it is more localized (which is nice!) - but I might be with the Humira. Yep - I'd call.
It'll be okay, you can't really UN-do your Humira shots that you currently have. I would call and make sure they don't wanna push back your next loading dose, but I think you should be fine. I've had colds whilst taking Pred, Humira and Imuran... also currently have a sinus infection and I was taking Humira, Imuran and azithromycin.

I would call about your next loading dose though!


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If you have a sore throat, always get it checked out. Even if it is just mild. The ant inflammatory meds can really mask the pain associated with a strep infection.
Thanks for the advice, everyone! I called the doc's office and they said to continue taking all my meds. Like Katie said, I can't undo the Humira and they said Entocort should be fine to keep taking.

They did insist that I pay attention to my symptoms, however, and go in to my regular doc if they get worse or I get a fever. So, I was being over cautious but I guess better safe than sorry...
If your throat gets red like the color of a stop sign (this is what my GP would tell me) - get your booty in there and get strep tested - that is the main worry at this point. And as Katie said, if it is time for your next Humira shot - and you are still feeling crappy - better call and make sure it is ok to do it. Hope you feel better!