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Can i test my gallbladder at home?

If gallbladder pain reacts to fats, sugar, alcohol, etc., can I test it unscientifically at home by eating or drinking things that "should" cause a reaction?

Back story:
I've been having nausea for months.
Doc ran labs, things look normal, calprotectin is normal, ESR, CRP, all normal.
I had an MRE last month that showed no active disease or inflammation.
Doc prescribed antibiotics for possible SIBO.

I finished the antibiotics, the nausea is not gone, and the past 7-10 days I've been having right upper quadrant pain.
Mostly back and side, worse at night, and definitely not muscular. The pain increased Wednesday and I realized why I haven't been able to get comfortable lately.

I sent the doc a message yesterday morning but it's a holiday weekend and I haven't heard back.

If the pain hits a sustained 7, I will go to the ER.
But it's a holiday weekend and the local hospitals are near capacity right now.
I have a history of feeling things before the tests can definitively reveal them.
I suspect the doc will want a HIDA scan, and I'll do that, that's fine.

But in the meantime, it would be helpful to know what's going on.
Causing a reaction isn't fun, and is probably a dumb idea.

I sort of already did that today. I slept in a bit and didn't really eat until mid afternoon.
Then I had pizza and a couple of cocktails. And less than 2 hours later abdominal pain, diarrhea, pain, the whole showcase.

Does it react that fast? It seems too quick.
I'm thinking I should probably stick to plain oatmeal and toast until I can get this tested.
I like to push buttons to see what happens. Generally speaking.
I DON'T like the showcase experience.

my little penguin

Staff member
Do not try to trigger your gallbladder at home .
Hida scan is typically a next step
But it could be a lot of things since fat triggers a lot of different Gi issues
You really need to wait for your Gi
If it get bad you can try urgent care associated with a hospital who can then fast track ER if required.
Do not try to trigger your gallbladder at home .
Voice of reason, thank you.

I've had HIDA scans before.

Urgent care in my area can't do much besides run labs.
They don't have the equipment for CT, MRI, or HIDA. HIDA specifically is always scheduled through the hospital. In my network, anyway.

I'll stick to a bland diet and hope they get back Monday.
I barely slept last night.
So I went to the ER today.

They ran labs and ordered an ultrasound.
It appears to be a "big honkin" gallstone or clump of gallstones.
ER doc recommend a HIDA scan. And gave me a referral to a surgeon.
Brief update to this.
My GI ordered a HIDA scan, it showed the same big honkin gallstone, but the ejection fraction was abnormal and marked suspicious for biliary dyskinesia. I may have spelled that incorrectly.

Gallbladder was removed laparoscopically almost 2 weeks ago.
The daily nausea stopped, which is good.
The lab report said the gallbladder showed chronic inflammation.
Good to know all those blood tests aren't usually helpful for me.

And now, trying to improve my dietary habits since I'm not flaring.

Thanks to the many people who offered suggestions on my assorted goofy posts-
I appreciate you!