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Can methotrexate fight inflammation?


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Hi there :)

Here's a thread that addresses Methotrexate as a treatment for crohn's:

It does appear to act as an anti-inflammatory drug but I'm sure the use of Methotrexate will depend on the severity of inflammation along with other diagnostic factors and is something that should be discussed with your GI.

Hope the info above helps!
Hi there! I am a 15 year old male. I have Crohn's Colitis. I began on just the remicade when all other meds didn't work. I skipped trying the methotrexate because of the side effects. The remicade worked wonders! After a few months, I had a colonoscopy, and It showed I had a slight narrowing of my colon. I was put on methotrexate with remicade to stop that, and it worked great!!!!! I do the injections because it has a LOT less side effects than the pills...and trust me, the injection is a breeze! :ybiggrin: methotrexate works hand in hand with the remicade, because it prevents the body from developing antibodies to the remicade. if that happens, the remicade can't work anymore, and you DON"T want that. Anyway, just make sure to take folic acid when you are on the methotrexate, and you will be fine! The only side effects I ever experienced was just some tiredness and light nausea and a headache. Best wishes!!!!
Jmkinley has a son that was on Remicade and MTX but he had an allergic reaction to the Remicade and has since been on just MTX. My son is on both Remicade and MTX and does really well. He takes the pill form of MTX and hasn't had any side effects from it since he started back last year.

It is an immunosuppressant so it of course falls in the same category as AZA/6MP. It doesn't take quite as long as AZA/6MP to reach full theraputic levels, I don't think. But you will need blood tests fairly often to make sure it doesn't cause any problems for your liver.