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Can Methotrrexate stop working ?

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with crohns disease in Sept 2010. I have been on quite a few medications (Asacol,aza,mecaptipurine, Infliximab) with various issues arising with each. I was put onto Methotrexate about 2 years ago. I started on a dose of approx 12.5 mg which seems to work really well, until about April of this year.
I started flaring again and was given some steroids which worked whilst I was on them. Then my symptoms returned. I muddled through until the end of July when I had my GI apt. I had elevated markers and was put onto steroids again and my Metho was increased to 20mg.I have been on and off steroids since then and every time I get down to 10mg I start flaring again, with abdo pain, bloating, wind, mouth ulcers (lots!) mucus and extreme tiredness. I ended up in A&E on Wednesday because the pain was so bad (was put onto 20mg of steroids again)
I'm fine when I'm taking steroids but just don't feel as if the methotrexate is doing anything at all for me anymore.
Can you build up a resistance to it ??
Trying to contact my GI but find it hard to get in touch with him (his receptionist can be quite rude and I never get a call back.
Is it time to maybe think about changing meds , What do you think ?
It is possible for a med to quit working for you. That does sound a bit like what is happening in your case since it seems only the pred is keeping things under control and when it is tapered low enough the symptoms are returning.

I noticed your sig mentions you may be starting Humira soon, that might be something to go ahead and discuss with your GI. I am sorry you are having a hard getting in touch with him, can you switch to another GI. Or maybe next visit you do have mention the hard time you are having with his receptionist.

I hope you find relief soon.
Hi , Thanks for the reply :) They decided against the Humira but he did mention at the last appointment that if this didn't work he was thinking of putting me back on Infliximab, Which worked for me really well , felt amazing on it , but it made my hair fall out.
I think if I continue to have trouble with the receptionist that I will have to make a complaint. She is so abrupt and really makes me feel bad about calling.
Also I live on a small island in the UK and he is the only GI here. Makes it quite difficult :(