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Can my supervisor do this ?

Hi I am Charlotte . I work in a call centre and I am 4 months pregnant and have ibd. She has a new rule now that no one is allowed to go to the toilet unless it is their break time and we have to collect and sign for a key.
Do you live in the US? Have you made it known that you have a disability that requires you to have access to a restroom? If the answer to these is "yes", what she is doing is illegal. I would talk to her first. If that doesn't get anywhere, go to her supervisor.
If you are UK based Google the following:

Reasonable Adjustments
Employment Tribunal

Alternatively look at the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation website re employment issues and advice.

ACAS are also a good source of information as are some of the union sites like Unison.

Do your research and present a polite and well supported argument. Ensure you document any meeting also.

If USA elsewhere again there will law relevant to your situation.

Sadly many managers irrespective of where they are from display a lack of knowledge and understanding with regards to something like this. It is sadly both a common and quite frankly ridiculous thing to be happening in the year 2020.

Good luck.