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Can my supervisor do this?

Hi I am Charlotte . I work in a call centre and I am 4 months pregnant and have ibd. She has a new rule now that no one is allowed to go to the toilet unless it is their break time and we have to collect and sign for a key


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I am into retirement, but when I was on the job I made it in no uncertain terms that when I needed to use the toilet there was no stopping me from doing so. The bathroom is a basic right for everyone. Be assertive, don't let anyone stop you from doing so.
That is a ridiculous rule. I agree with Bufford, be assertive and perhaps have a good talk with your supervisor. Perhaps you can opt to work an extra 15 minutes at the end of the day - although you should have the right to use the facilities when need be. Sounds like people were taking too many breaks and because of it, everyone has to suffer. Good luck and let us know what occurred.