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Can this be Crohn's?

Hello! I'm new to this forum. Still trying to figure out if my symptoms are connected to Crohn's (or Colitis, IBS) or not. Sorry for my english, still tried my best.

I have read a lot about this, but it's always better to ask people who knows IBD well, not just reading things on google. :)

I had many infections until age 5 and 2 surgeries (double inguinal hernia and oropharyngeal surgery). Because of the infections, I had to go to the hospital multiple times (4 times until age 5), and I read, that I got multiple antibiotics for these (for the first time I went to the hospital at age 1,5, I got 3 different cephalosporin antibiotics within a week and other things like dexamethasone. If I know it well, cephalosporins can be connected to the later development of IBD).

I have allergic rhinitis, I had croup and had erythema on face/eczema, dermatitis. Elevated eosinophils (last time it was 11% [0-4% was normal]), telangiectasias on upper body, low BMI (I'm 29 years old, male), sometimes days with diarrhea, then nothing for a while. No blood, I had blood only once but I didn't check for a very long time, so not sure. Blood test showed folate deficiency some months ago, with normal b12 and iron levels. I saw on a paper that once I had lower IgA (1 year ago it was normal) and IgM. Alkaline phosphatase was double of the acceptable amount. I had Cow's Milk allergy what I outgrow at age 3 (+ iron deficiency anemia). I had endoscopy for Celiac because of the symptoms and they found mild chronic gastritis and some part of my villi damaged. Blood test was also negative. I could never get weight, only once when I ate like 5 times/day and exercise etc, for like half year but my development stopped. There were blood tests that showed lower thrombocytes (not very low tho). I'm eating gluten free for 1,5 years now (thinking it was/it is NCGS) but still having abdominal pain sometimes (which are strong but goes away in like 1-1,5 minutes or if I go to toilet) and sometimes I have to run to the wc right after I eat. Don't really know if it's related but I had scoliosis and eye problems aswell.

Tried to take probiotics, did a full course, and I had very normal poop for like 2-3 weeks, then I tried to eat gluten/wheat to check, and I had problems after and my poop back as bad as it was before the probiotic course. Everywhere I go, I get diagnosed with anemia paleness.

Can this be IBD? I think the very early antibiotics messed up my microbiome that caused inflammations.

Thank you!