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Can urine infect my wound? ahhhhh


Im 20 years old and had my first perianal abscess (ew).I had it cut and drained a couple of days ago but because it is in a very very awkward position, it is very difficult to go toilet (both #1 and #2). The packing has fallen out many times and every time I find myself back at the hospital having it repacked. I'm extremely terrified of infection (when I say terrified.. I mean full of anxiety attacks about it). The doc at the hospital packed it and put a dressing over it.. he had to cut the dressing in a way so it did not block my butthole. Again, he found this difficult. I just went to the toilet for a pee (I squatted on the toilet) and felt pee seeping into the dressing, soaking it. I tried to dry it off in a state of panic. Can pee infect my wound? Its 3pm right now and Im due to go back tomorrow to get it repacked. Can it wait until tomorrow?

I really want to know if pee can infect the wound and if I need to redress and repack my wound asap. I smell of pee! Im really sorry to be graphic but Im really worried


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Do not leave the gauze on there if it is pee soaked. Any type of moisture on the gauze left for a prolonged period of time can lead to bacteria. (Salene is sterile and an exception) Is there any one at home that can help you? If ever you are unsure, you can always call the doctor on call or call the ER for advice
I'm sorry you are going through this. I had an abscess drained about a year ago and it was very stressful. I promise it will get easier though, once you are used to your wound.
As Afidz has said, it would be best to take it out and get it as clean as poss. I would suggest you take out the wet dressing, then just place a piece of clean gauze between your bum cheeks over the wound to soak up anything that weeps out of it. My nurses told me it was ok to do this if I needed.
Ideally it would be packed again but if you are not comfortable doing this or haven't been shown how to then don't.
It will be ok to leave until tomorrow as long as it is clean. Good luck x
Hi guys,

Thank you so much for your replies. I honestly really appreciate it. I havent been taught how to repack it myself.. its in very awkward position so I cant really see it without a mirror. I just called 111 (nhs emergency) and a nurse got back to me. She asked if it was moist or soaked (v.v.v.v.v.v.Sorry for being graphic, guys!) I told her it was moist and she said it can wait until tomorrow and shouldn't be problem. I have this tendency to laugh and make jokes in awkward situation so she very humorous about the situation which helped me!

I was told to look out for any "heat" down there or signs of stinging which suggests I need to go back to hosp asap. I really dont want to be back at the hosp and have another person look at my crotch. I cannot take the embarrassment of it anymore :ybatty::ybatty:
Don't worry about being graphic! We are used to it around here :)
I know it is really not a nice situation to be in.
Good luck with the rest of your recovery and don't worry about asking questions around here. You are welcome to have a read around :)


Urine is completely sterile when it leaves the body, so I wouldn't be too worried. I'd just change the dressing as often as possible to keep it dry and prevent the growth of any bacteria. :)
Ah yeah I'm supposed to re-dress every two days but Im going to be cheeky and ask if Im able to have it re-packed/dressed everyday. I read there is still a chance it could turn into a fistula, even though it has been lanced and drained?

Also, I have my first appoint with a colon specialist (colonscopy?) in 6 weeks. The docs tried to do a butt exam but I just couldn't go through with it so they had to perform the exam whilst I was under anesthetic undergoing the lancing of the abscess. Will they want to do a butt exam when I visit the colon doc? If so, does this hurt? Arghhhh xx
Just remember that these nurses and doctors have looked at tens of thousands of crotches and butts so try not to be embarrassed.
I have a appoint later on during the day but my gp nurse said she couldn't move around appoints so I should go hosp early to avoid infection. I went in at 9am. The nurse at the hosp thought I was there for my normal re-packing (why would i waste hospital time for a normal re-packing - i wouldve waited for my appointment time and seen my gp nurse!). She said she wasn't going to re-pack because I need my own dressing from my district nurse. I tried to explain that I wasnt there for a normal re-packing, I was there because urine soaked through the dressing and I needed to re-pack asap to avoid infection. I just stood there as she told me to go away. With so many people listening (I was at reception).. I literally just left, trying to hold back tears. I called helpline and explained, they said she shouldn't have turned me away given that the dressing needs to be changed.

So I called my gp, for a dressing and told my situation. The receptionist told me I should have told her my situation properly but I was too stunned at the way she dealt with me. I'm waiting for my gp to call back and advise me. I've never been talked to like that in my life, I know it's Monday morning and she probably has a lot of patients but Im a human too and also have feelings?

I can't wait until this is all over and it's healed!
How was the rest of your day akay?
Do you have any services in your local area where you can have district nurses coming to your home?
I remember I was so stressed the first day they were supposed to arrive I burst into tears when they got there, just for them to tell me everything was fine!
Hope my story comforts you that what you are feeling is normal.
I know its easier said than done, but try not to stress over it! x x x
Hey, ahh it really does comfort me. You guys' forum has helped me so much, you've no idea.

The hosp did tell me a nurse should come to my house but I ended up being asked by my gp to come into the gp surgery every 2 days and the nurse at the gp surgery packs my wound. I really like her but she only works like three days a week so it's difficult, I keep ending up back at the hospital gp department.

The aftercare has been all over the place. Because of its awkward position, the packing keeps falling out so its being re-packed twice a day. Ive been given dressing by the gp nurse - after I have been to the toilet, I put on a new dressing but Because of the puss (graphic-sorry) the packing gets stuck to the dressing. So essentially, the dressing pulls the packing out and I'm back to square one. Waaahhh

It's been 6 days after the surgery and there's still a lot of puss, is this normal? The nurse said it looked a little inflamed and sore but put it down to being in an awks position.

I'm not going to complain. Even though most of my posts are a bit moany lol
I would say the main thing you need to do is try to keep it clean. I would recommend getting a sitz bath. Each time you go to the toilet you could sit in the warm water which would gently clean it all out.

Another idea would be to get some wet toilet wipes which will be a lot more gentle on the area than normal toilet tissue.