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Can we just... talk?

I really hate greetings. So I'm just going to get to it...

First off, I just chose a random post icon, in hopes that it would draw attention.

Second off (atrocious grammar) I... don't really have friends. haha! No really though. I could not tell you why. I honestly couldn't. I could theorize... Possibly.

That's probably all I'm going to say on the subject. Not out of embarassment, but because I have an aversion to subjecting people to long writings without their explicit permission.

Anyways, I'm stuck at highschool. My favorite. My grades are good, getting less-so from all my missed time. I have people whom others would call my friends, yet whom I would call... "pass-times"? By which, I mean, I don't really fit into the whole drunk, partying teen/young adult subculture I'm subjected to, and so these people I hang around are just there because they're conveniently placed. Thus, it gets kinda lonely.

That might have made no sense, I'm not sure. :yfaint: Just message me if you thought "omg wth is he trying to say?!", and I can clarify, BECAUSE....

I kinda just want someone to talk to. :shifty-t: And I know, quite obviously, an internet conversation won't fulfill my natural need for socialization, but it'd make me feel a little less... secluded.

I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm new to this forum. I joined because I feel desperately isolated. So if I sound like a fool... well so be it.

Anyways... I feel like maybe I should actually say something conversation worthy.... so...

I really like classical music. I love other music too. But, some classical tunes just make me tear up. How about you?


My dog has hands!
Hi My name is Erin and I am way to old to be your "friend' but I am sure somebody closer to your age will find this post. I just wanted to say Hi. Also think there is a closed group for teenagers. you could pm somebody in charge of this forum for the password. I was diagnosed in 1992 when I was 21. It wasn't till many years later I was able to meet people like me, and I really wish I could have had somebody my age to talk to about the crappy crohns. I am glad you reached out. You strike me as a mature person. Anyways if you have any crohns questions or want to chat with a way old person I here.
One more thing, you don't sound like a fool. Not even a little :)
I am so glad you reached out. High school is such a hard time for so many and can be so lonely. It also seems soooo important while you're in it, but it's really such a small part of your life. By the time I was 25 I barely remembered high school. Life in college and the world is so different (and so much better!) High school is really just a time to be survived. I didn't have Crohn's during my school years, but I imagine that only makes it worse, and is isolating as well.

You can talk to us. Everyone here is really nice and really supportive.

I LOVE classical music as well. In high school, I went through a big Vivaldi obsession. Growing up it's primarily what my family listened to, and my family now listens to it as well. My 9-year old daughter is walking around right now humming Ode to Joy. Do you play in an orchestra? I took up violin at age 7 (and my daughter did at 8). It's a lot of fun to play and a great way to meet people.

I wish you lived closer, I would totally invite you over for lunch :).
Hey, Reading your post , you sound just like myself in high school. I didn't really have any friends , there were people i could sit with but wouldn't really call them friends , Spent most of my time by myself sitting reading. Im quite lucky as i didn't have crohns back then (or did but symptoms were not so bad maybe?) So it must be really tough for you. Things got so much better for me when i left school and started working. Have amazing friends now and a lot of support which has been brilliant since i was diagnosed Nov 2010. Having people to talk to helps so much and i've found this forum amazing , don't feel so alone anymore. With the Classical music thing , never really gave it a chance , my brother is really into it and is always recommending music for me to listen too so may give it a try. Would say though im more into reading books than listening to music. My fiance goes mad as are bedroom is starting to resemble a bookstore lol :)
You're doing better than I am! I've been homeschooled pretty much since my sophomore year. I'm now a senior in high school and about to go off to college. What friends I have are already off at college and won't be back until summer. But like yourself I have "friends" at high school but we hardly ever hangout. I feel secluded and even if I didn't, I have issues trusting people. :/


Hi there and thanks for reaching out. I think "these days" you can form meaningful relationships on line, especially in a place like this with like minded people who know exactly what you are going thru!

I have become friends with many people on this forum, and that is how I refer to them - I tell my husband, "My friend so and so had her surgery today."

Okay, so before we talk... can we get your real name, or can you put it in your siggie? :)

- Amy
Hi Nchuleftingth, welcome. You have my permission to long writings :) I believe it's part of what we're here for - mutual support that sometimes isn't easy to unravel in a paragraph. All I can say is I received nothing but support and care ever since I joined... And of course, I try to give back. I'm sure you'll feel part of the forum in no time.
Thanks you all for your support!

My name is Benjamin, and anyone who wants to chat would be welcome. Just message me/post on my wall (or whatever the forum equivalent is).