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Can you eat mushrooms without getting GI problems?

I don't mean the psychoactive mushrooms. I mean the regular mushrooms.

Years ago I thought mushrooms could lead to yeast build-up in my intestines and that could be dangerous with leaky gut so I cut them out of my diet completely. Now I am thinking about adding them.

I might try oyster mushrooms, since, unlike other mushrooms, they are low in fodmap.

I have read mushrooms have high purine content. Do you think this can decrease purinethol's effectiveness (assuming I will eat a lot of mushrooms every day).
They don't give me real problems, they just don't digest.
Because they're soft they don't cause too much trouble on the way out:D
Dried mushrooms (some of them anyways) can be ground to a powder and used to thicken soups/casseroles etc.....
Due to being virtually totally predigested i'd start with small amounts and work up
Hey hugh, I could use your suggestion, but nearly all mushrooms are high in FODMAPs except for a few kinds.


I have eaten oyster mushrooms twice after this thread. They cause no problems at all. At first I chopped the mushrooms to make them small and cooked them like that. They didn't cause any problems, but chopping them small made them lose their unique texture, taste and smell. After that I cooked them bigger and more wholly and that made them perfect. They come off both well cooked and delicious with the pressure cooker. Although I have eaten an ample amount after I saw it doesn't cause any GI problems, they didn't have a fast transit time for me either; unlike other's experiences. Cooking them well (45 minutes in the pressure cooker) and chewing them well might have played a role in this.

Short answer - if they don't cause FODMAP symptoms then they aren't an issue, (well, not a FODMAPs issue anyway)
Long answer - FODMAPs......It gets complicated.......

- "FODMAPs are a collection of short-chain carbohydrates (sugars) that aren’t absorbed properly in the gut, which can trigger symptoms in people with IBS."

-for this very reason many FODMAPs are also prebiotics [1]

If someone is on a low FODMAD diet it is probably because they wish to reduce unpleasant symptoms.
This is done by reducing biological (Microbiomal?) activity.
This is a good short term strategy but in the long term one needs to increase beneficial microbiomal (i like it, i'm gonna use it) activity by feeding the beneficial bacteria

During the FODMAP elimination phase all FODMAPS are kept under the threshold and then we reintroduce different FODMAPS to find your personal threshold [2].
Various FODMAPS are tested and the ones that are tolerated are consumed in appropriate amounts (ie. keeping below the threshold). [3]

If you want to introduce a new food (ie. mushrooms) then follow the same procedure whether you are in in the reintroduction phase or maintenance phase....

To sum it up.... "we all should be eating a diet that is as high in FODMAPs as we can tolerate without getting symptoms" but, eating multiple different FODMAPS (even multiple 'low' FODMAPS) can lead to exceeding our personal tolerance....

so (for example only) maybe 200 grams of mushrooms is ok but 200 grams of mushrooms with garlic might not be..... [4]

[1] https://fodmapchallenge.com/2017/04/prebiotics-fodmaps-different/

[2] The 3 phases of the low FODMAP diet

[3] 10 steps to finding your FODMAP threshold

[4] FODMAP Stacking Explained: Do Your Food Combinations Trigger Symptoms?
Sure you can. I didn't have problems with mushrooms. Just be sure to check them first, having a low fodmap app is really useful.

I use casa de sante's list of the best low fodmap apps.
Why not, normal mushrooms are very rich in protein, which makes them also healthy and a great alternative for vegans. Some sorts like medicinal mushrooms australia could also be super important for maintaining the body in a good health condition. Just analyze your body, whether it accepts them raw or cooked. But if you feel uncomfortable about the indigestion, just give up on them hehe. There are so many high-protein rich aliments, that I don't see the reason why to struggle with mushrooms. Interesting reaction btw., I never thought about aliments that just won't digest. I am wondering If I also have such problems.
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im sort of big on grinding everything to dust these days....lol capsules etc, so its more like these..you know.....chaga, lions mane, black hoof....was taking reishi for a while but not exactly making a dish of them


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My best advice is to eat what nature gives you. Don't stress, it makes you poop more. Whole foods with complex carbohydrates and Don't forget the protein, chicken, beef, tuna... etc. the list goes on. Moderation is key. Careful with the fibre as you can easily overdo it. NOT FUN! I like bran muffins and veggies and fruit taken with enough protein to maintain lean muscle mass. Pm me if you need any help. I'll do my best to help... And if I don't know, I'll do my best to point you in the right direction. This offer is open to everyone interested. PEACE TO THE MIDDLE EAST!