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Can you help me I have a dull burning pain slightly above my belt line in the center

I used to get really bad crampy style pain in my LRQ. Now I haven't had that for a while, but right at this moment I'm getting a dull burning sensation in the area I mentioned above. My question is can the characteristics of pain change locations and severity as well as the type of pain that one may describe? :depressed:
Sorry I can't help you with this one, perhaps some of the others can.

I know, I get different types of pain and in different locations, but not as you described above.
i don't think i ever had that particular pain either.

i always think its best to let a doctor know if we get a new symptom, particularly if it's pain.

hope you're ok, and feel better soon.
i could never isolate my pain like you describe.
but my pain is usually crampy style, which for me means that it moves around. the cramp is associated with wherever in my colon there is poo, so as it moves through, the cramp travels with it.
and yes these cramps really do feel like burning for me too.

maybe it is BM related and will be relieved when you go?
just thinking out loud
And it's really interesting becaues if I lie down and kind of curl up it feels better, but once I sit up there it is. Oh well. Thank you everyone who answered.
yeah i can relate to that too!
for some reason it makes my cramps better if i have my stomach kind of curled in, like fetal position.
but to stretch it out increases the pain.
dont know why either...
LRQ, isnt that the area of where big intestine meets little intestine? is that the terminal illium?

also the area of the apendix?
That's right Jed. The LRQ is the terminal illium (sp) and I think the appendics is a little lower than that or more off to the lower right. Thanks for answering.
It's been few hours since I posted this and right now the burning is all around my whole abdomen. I'm not sure what's going on. This totally a new type of pain.


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Get yourself checked. Just because you feel pain in one area, the cause could be located somewhere else. Your abdomen has so many nerves, etc. that it's hard to pinpoint cause unless you are scanned, etc.
pretty much agree with the others, i think its time to get checked now. if i didnt get better at all during the day, then its better safe then sorry.

let us know!
I'm going to call my local nurses online and see what they say. It seems to come on after I eat so I figure there is a connection in there some where. Ok thanks everyone for your support.
I think it was just C so I took some milk of mag and everthing feels much better now. I've never had C this bad before so now I can be on the look out in case this type of pain starts up again.
** I am not a doctor and this is only my personal experience. First and foremost see your doctor.*

I had pain in my lower left abdomen off and on. When it got bad it felt like I had to pee all the time but I didn't. I would have a bowel movement and get *some* relief. I thought that it was constipation. Well what came with the constipation was trapped gas !! I remember my GI asking me if I had gas.. and I said. NO. I thought it was *good* to not have gas. But gas is a natural part of a healthy system.
A friend who has GI problems told me he takes Beano. So I thought I'd try it. It's all natural and avaialble in grocery stores and my local Wal MArt near digestion products. I took 3 tablets at 2 different meals and the next morning I woke up with *no pain* or knawing in my stomach !! If I miss taking it for a meal or a day the pain returns.
The morning I first woke up I was farting like crazy and it felt so good !! I'll bee "tooting" the wonders of Beano for me in other areas of the board. Good luck .