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Canada Relocation with Humira Insurance Coverage for Son with Crohn?

Hi: I have a job offer in Canada but my 11 year old son suffers from Crohn and is administered Humira on a regular basis. Does someone have a good experience in relocating to Canada while at the same time maintaining some kind of insurance coverage either through private or public institutions? Or would insurance completely deny my son coverage since he has preexistence?

Since my job is mostly home-based I can select the province to relocate. Any recommendation for provinces with better coverage for expat kids?

Thank you for your advice.

my little penguin

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Check with your new jobs hr in terms of generic things like what insurance coverage there is ?
Pre existing conditions?
Will you still be citizens of the US ? How does that affect insurance?
If your changing citizenship that can affect it as well
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my little penguin

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If your expat then your insurance isn’t through Canada
But through the US as an international insurance which is very expensive and tends to cover little
If I remember other previous posters correctly


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As can be seen by the links MLP provided, there are LOTS of details! :oops:

I'd start as Pilgrim suggested... speak to a Humira rep or, if your GI's office provides one, your nurse/liaison between GI and drug companies. I would imagine they'd be a solid starting point.

As far as private insurance offered by employers... my son recently started working and his company's insurance immediately covered his remicade knowing he already had crohns. I've been told (not sure if it was through insurance company or GI's liaison) that the group insurance provided by employers does not require info re pre existing conditions. All employees, new and old, are automatically covered.

Having said this, I'm not sure how citizenship or residency affects this.


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Just to clarify one point...

When I said my son was automatically covered, regardless that his crohns was pre-existing, this did not eliminate the need for the 'usual' approval of the treatment plan which, in my son's case, was remicade. We still needed to send in the forms, documentation for pre-approval of remicade treatment.


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At one point my husband was going to be relocated to Canada from the U.S. and we looked at a lot of the same issues. However, we were not going to become citizens of Canada and would relocate as expats and he would remain working for a U.S. company with the same insurance as he had in the U.S. so there were no changes for us what so ever other than a new residence, docs, etc.
I see that the thread is a few years old, but the information regarding healthcare in Canada is still relevant. Healthcare policies and coverage tend to evolve slowly over time, so the general advice I provided should still be applicable.
Canada has a publicly funded healthcare system known as Medicare, which covers Canadian citizens and permanent residents. However, eligibility and coverage may vary by province. It's crucial to research the specific province you plan to move to and understand their healthcare policies.
If you need information on document legalization for your move, you can check out https://apostillelondon.com/document-legalisation/legalising-documents-china/. Take care.
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