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Canadian Thanksgiving


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Hi all,

This weekend is our Thanksgiving and I wanted to just say thanks to all my friends here!

I'm not here nearly as much as I used to be for different reasons... busy with parents, S is all grown up now and, best of all, he has done well over the years! But, I do want to say that I'll ALWAYS be thankful for the support and advice I've received from all of you. Learning to deal with his dx and accepting it was the hardest thing I've faced and I wouldn't have gotten through it without everyone here! I do consider all the 'oldies' as friends that I know I can go to, who will understand any 'mom' worries (crohns or otherwise) and will just be there for me! (And, I hope I have been able to give back just as much!) Thank you so much! (And, newbies... you've found a great place here with some fantastic people!)

Praying that everyone's child soon finds relief and can move on with their lives happy and healthy! :ghug:
Have a great Thanksgiving! And thanks to you (and everyone on the board!) for all the advice and support over the years.
Hi, I'm in Canada myself...my 13 year old had her scope last week and she was started on sulfasalzine and salofalk...looking for support.
She's doing so much better with these meds, thank you! Do you know if all kids recently diagnosed start on these meds?
I don't know too much about those particular meds, but hopefully someone else will be by soon who knows more. (Also, in general, if you have specific questions, it's a good idea to start a new thread--you'll get more responses that way!)

Glad to hear that your daughter is doing better; the one good thing about diagnosis is that you can finally get started with treatment.