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Canker Sore Vent

Hey guys, I've got what feels like a million canker sores in my mouth at the moment. They seem to be multiplying by the minute. I'm in so much pain that I just want to cry. I can't focus, my head is throbbing, and my entire mouth feels like it's on fire. I've tried oragel and it's only lasting a few minutes now. Yesterday I was prescribed a magic mouthwash with lidocaine and it started out working well but now only lasts a few minutes. My ulcers are going deeper into my throat and they hurt so badly. I can't eat, drink, or speak. I can't do those things without a lot of pain anyways. Even things such as ice cream hurt like the dickens. My dentist told my dad about a few remedies that I'm going to try but I just feel like it's going to be all for nought. I don't know what to do.
I just found out that I can drink chamomile tea. I feel slightly more hydrated at least. Has anyone had prednisone treatment for ulcers?


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Hi Jeff,
Those ulcers must be really awful---I feel your pain.
Have you talked with your GI about this---if not you really should'
It may need a systemic approach with some systemic medications.
It would be advisable to do this as soon as possible.
Feel better soon
Hugs, prayers and best wishes
Yep, I've got my GI, General Practitioner, and a Rheumatologist on my case. We've tried mouthwashes etc but they aren't working. I'm going to call the GP tomorrow and ask to go on Prednisone as I heard that it actually works to get rid of the ulcers quickly and I can't run the risk of this lasting much longer. Thank you for the advice