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Canker sores lasting so long

I have been diagnosed with Crohn's for over 6 years now. I am currently taking Entyvio, previously I did Stelara and Vedo.

Well, I started to suffer from throat pain when swallowing several weeks ago. Since then I have also seen very small white patches on the inside on my mouth, on the cheeks and lips.

I have read that this could be due to strep but, although I do feel pain on my throat, I do not feel any pain on those white patches, so I wonder if I am wrong and it could be some other thing instead of a strep infection. Perhaps somebody is familiar with these symptoms and can give me a hint. Thank you.

Edit. The doctor says that they are canker sores . However, I always believed that those are painful so I am not completely convinced that this is my case.

Edit 2. I am still suffering from those white patches that seem to be growing little by little. I just have also read that some canker sores are not painful and those that are due to Crohn's may last much longer than normal canker sores. I have been prescribed Acyclovir but it does not really work as expected.

Anyone has any experience with this and can tell me any remedy to heal them? I read about dexamethasone or just rinse with water and salt could be helpful. Thank you!
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my little penguin

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See a dermatologist or Gi .
White patches can be thrush (yeast infection ) which happens in babies but can happen in adults on immunosuppressants.
Ulcers can also happen
They do hurt
Thank you for the info my little penguin. It was my GI who told me that those white patches are canker sores, despite I do not feel any pain. He asked me if they hurt when drinking something cold or hot or even when eating something salty, and he just said that sometimes they do not hurt. So weird.

I am visiting a dermatologist for a second opinion since I am not totally convinced of what my GI has told me.
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